Serve at Vineyard Community Church

God wants to use you to make a difference. One of the best ways to meet people, develop relationships, and grow as a follower of Christ is to serve the local church. And it’s not just on the weekends! Serving opportunities are available seven days a week.

Areas to Serve in

Administration Team (A-team)
Are you looking for the perfect place to volunteer at church during the week? If you have administrative skills and a heart to serve, you can put your talents and passions to work by serving on our A-Team! We welcome people with flexible schedules, administrative experience, and a great sense of humor. Our Church office hours are Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm. Find your perfect fit on our team! Our team works behind the scenes to maintain and support every area of our church, including baptism, conferences, and special events.
Vineyard Kids (Children's ministry)
When it comes to leading the next generation, we want volunteers who are faith-filled followers of Jesus, trustworthy servants, and energetic personalities. Our team invests in the lives of kids through worship, Biblical teaching, videos, age-appropriate groups, and games. But volunteers with this set of criteria don't assemble themselves by magic; here at Vineyard Community Church, we have a volunteer signup process that helps us identify just which people would make the best kids leaders. Our volunteer application process balances safety (background checks and references) with spirituality. We want our kids to learn to love Jesus, and that means having the best team around!
Requirements: Background Check
Young Vineyard (Student Ministry)
Serving in student ministry can be a whirlwind, but you’ve got what it takes, and we want to help equip you to be the best Young Vineyard leader you can be. Our team helps students get connected to God and find purpose through our middle school ministry, as well as our high school ministry (High School Nights, small groups, retreats, and conferences). If you're a leader in Young Vineyard, you know that that every student has a purpose and you can help them become faith-filled followers of Jesus.
Requirements: Background Check
Guest Services
Do you love to greet guests and keep an office humming along? Is “Hospitality” your middle name? Then the Guest Services Team wants to meet you! Volunteers on this team help create a warm, friendly environment for and brings a personal touch to our worship experiences by welcoming people into the church as well as hosting in the lobby, at coffee stations, and in the auditorium. Our team also serves at conferences and church-wide events by setting up decorations and facilitating any other areas of need.
Weekend Production
It takes a lot to execute celebrations each weekend. Weekend Production isn't just one team—it's many teams with one goal: create a transformational environment where people can encounter Jesus. These teams (Tech Team, Stage Team, Weekend Support Team) assists in the production of the overall worship experience, using lights, cameras, sound, and other visual elements. Weekend Production requires a mix of skilled technical people and teachable volunteers to craft a weekend experience where people encounter Christ.
Vineyard Worship
Each weekend, an incredible team of lead worshipers (musicians, singers, and songwriters) from our church facilitates a musical experience where we encounter God by singing songs to Him and about Him. This is a team that knows that God created us to worship, we are called to worship as a church body, and that God deserves excellence in our worship. This team creates a sacred sonic space that is accessible to all, intimate with God, and expressed with integrity.
Facilities Team
Are you passionate about serving? Do you enjoy creating an efficient, inviting environment? Are you skilled in a trade and just like to make things work? Come find your perfect fit on the Facilities Team! Our team enables our church to be a place for many people to engage with and worship God. By serving on this team, you help to create a comfortable environment for our guests by preparing the facility in a way that eliminates distractions and indicates we are expecting them.
Prayer Team
Prayer moves the heart of God. If you have a desire to see God move in people's lives, experience the miraculous, and watch God show up and show off (He can do that, because He's God), then this is the team for you. God even tells us to come boldy before Him with our requests! The Vineyard Prayer Team is a team of bold, caring, and faith-filled followers of Jesus who know that God hears us and wants the best for us.
Dream Team
The Dream Team makes the dream happen here at VCC! In fact, our weekend experiences would not even be possible without the Dream Team! Each Saturday and Sunday, the Dream Team oversees the setup and teardown of all of weekend equipment in order to create a welcoming environment where people can encounter the love and Presence of Jesus. If you love setting up others for success, moving heavy objects, being a part of a team, or just looking for the perfect spot to get plugged in, the Dream Team is for you!