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First Time FAQ

We gather on Sunday mornings at 10:00 and 11:30am EST at Baxter YMCA located at 7900 Shelby St. Indianapolis, IN, 46227. We're also streaming live during those times at

At Vineyard, you can expect:

  • Gatherings last about an hour
  • Contemporary and contemplative worship music
  • A practical message from God's Word
  • Authentic and friendly community

We have weekend experiences for kids and students, too.

When you attend on a weekend, your children are a top priority. Our nurseries and classrooms are clean, safe, and staffed with loving workers. We offer a dynamic children's area called Vineyard Kids and a life-changing area for students from 5th-12th grade, all staffed by our background check, verified-safe volunteers.

When Jesus came to earth, he had "church" everywhere he went! We believe that the Church is a people, not a building. We began our partnership with the YMCA in 2021 to share the good news of Jesus with many and create more opportunities to serve our community together.

You'll find friendly faces, who are thrilled you're here, at the doors when you walk in. In our café area, you'll find hot coffee and fresh donuts, just in case you didn't have time for breakfast or you want a snack. In our gathering space, you'll find a comfortable seat with your family so you can take in the experience.

You'll find a variety of styles, everything from casual to professional. Gatherings at Vineyard are not about what you look like or what you wear, it's about who you are on the inside. Come as you are, and you will be loved and accepted, no matter what.

Our Welcome Center is the perfect place for you to find answers to questions, learn more about Vineyard, and receive a free gift for your first time here. Look for the yellow desk with the words "First Time Here?" in the back of our gathering space.

We believe the highest form of liberty and the highest form of justice is not found in political ideology, but rather in divine ideology. God's Word is clear when it says that there will be many kingdoms of the world seeking to rule people and to enforce their own ideals, but only one kingdom, God's kingdom, can bring true freedom to the soul, true justice for the oppressed, and true transformation to those in need.

This belief does not excuse us from political conversations, but rather compels and propels us into the issues of the world with the truth of God through the good news of Jesus. No matter your political stance, you're welcome here, and can expect us to represent God's agenda of grace, not a political agenda.

It's ok if you're not sure what you believe. You won't be turned away for any reason. We welcome questions, skeptics, critics, and the curious. God welcomes and loves everyone regardless of their doubts and questions, and so do we.

Absolutely. In the Bible, Jesus welcomed all people to come to him and experience God's transforming love. No matter where you've been or what you've done, this is the place to be.

There are many ways to get involved:

No matter where you start, you can build friendships, learn more about life at VCC, and have the opportunity to grow in your faith!

LifeGroups are an important part of Vineyard that allow you to meet other members and develop relationships that will continue building your relationship with God.

As Vineyard grows, LifeGroups allow us to make sure everyone feels known and connected. Groups are available for all ages and interests; there's bound to be one that's just right for you. Find your people.

The Growth Track is a four-week class that helps your grow as a faith-filled follower of Christ. It is made up of four steps:

  • StepONE: Membership and Core Beliefs
  • StepTWO: Spiritual Growth
  • StepTHREE: The Holy Spirit and Service
  • StepFOUR: Giving Your Faith Away