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Series Archive

  • Sacred Scars

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  • Cause

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  • 40 Days Of Prayer

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  • Radical Relationships

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  • Choosing Your Future

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  • Light Of The World

    The Christmas season is the most wonderful time of the year. Everywhere you look, the world is filled with light—decorated houses, candles in windows, fires burning bright—but there’s a brighter light.  A light that can cut through all the darkness. In our December series “Light of the World,” we will shine a light on the true meaning behind Christmas.

  • The Blessed Life

    Our culture is saturated with false teaching on what it means to be blessed, but what does the Bible say about it? How can we truly live blessed lives? Discover the secrets of living a blessed life both financially and spiritually. Discover "The Blessed Life."

  • Follow

    Everyone is invited to follow Jesus. its not about who you are or what you’ve done—the invitation is for everybody. Following Jesus empowers us with a faith that overcomes our fear of the future and breaks through our current circumstances. It's a faith that gives us peace, hope, joy, and life. Regardless of what you believe, regardless of how you behave, Jesus invites you to Follow.

  • Shift

    Culture is always changing. With the inventions of things like the printing press, color tv, and the Internet, we've seen dramatic shifts of the world around us. Right now we are living in the biggest communication shift of the past 500 years. But what does that mean for us? Jesus calls us to be culture-shifters, not culture-takers. In SHIFT we are looking at ways that Jesus calls us to change the world and seeking His heart for our church as

    a whole.

  • The Moral of the Story

    Jesus was a masterful story teller. Approximately one third of the words of Jesus recorded in the Bible were stories. Jesus used familiar illustrations and metaphors to reveal deeper revelations of truth. They shine a light on God's character, change our perspective, and give us practical direction. In this series we dig deep into the tales Jesus told and uncover The Moral of The Story.

  • Prepared

    Are you ever afraid someone will ask you why you believe what you believe? Do you fear someone might question what you believe? Responding to people’s questions and challenges can get complicated—but what if you were confident? What if you had the answer to the most important question about your faith? In our series, “Prepared,” you’ll learn the tools of the trade and gain a tactical advantage that will help you share your faith.

  • Why Church?

    We all have a lot of questions about Jesus’ Church, and a lot of them go unanswered. In this series “Why Church?” we will search for the truth behind one of the biggest movements in history and discover Why Church is a big deal.

  • Unshakeable

    Faith is spelled R-I-S-K. It requires the courage to step up and to face challenges that come our way. Your comfort zone may be safe, but when you step into what God has called you, history is made and lives are changed forever. You are called to be bold and courageous to live an extraordinary life of faith. In this series, experience what it means to have a bold, unshakable faith that equips you with the courage to impact the world around you.

  • Palm Sunday 2018

    In this special Palm Sunday Weekend message, pastor Jonathan Bricker recounts the Triumphal Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem just days before His death and the unshakeable faith Jesus had in the midst of facing challenges.

  • The Good Life

    Everyone wants to live the good life, but everyone has a different idea about how to get it. And we all have different ideas about what the good life is. Is it something you can only have if you’re wealthy and retired or young and healthy? Many of us wrestle with this question as we hope to live the good life ourselves! In this series, we give you a blueprint for how to live The Good Life—a life that is real, eternal and better than you ever dreamed.

  • Breakthrough

    Have you been waiting for breakthrough in your life? Turns out, you’re not alone. The Bible is full of people who were tested with tough circumstances, but what was the common ingredient that allowed these heroes of faith to overcome?

    They all passionately sought after God. In this series, Breakthrough, you’ll learn how to supercharge your prayer life and experience breakthrough in your health, finances, and relationships.

  • Time For A Change

    There's a time for everything. There's a time to laugh, cry, mourn, dance, build, and even destroy. In this special New Year's Weekend message, pastor Jonathan Bricker gives us for ways to start the year off right by taking advantage of the time we already possess.

  • The Magic Of Christmas

    It's the most magical time of the year! Let's celebrate the season as we find out the power Christmas has in our lives today. We will journey through the eyes of those who saw the story of Christmas unfold and together, discover the true Magic of Christmas.

  • Stay Positive

    Is life getting you down? Cynicism, bitterness, and negativity are the easiest choices to make when we face challenges in our lives. In this series, we will discover how to Stay Positive in a negative world.

  • Life On Mission

    You have a meaning. You have a purpose. You have a destiny. The future in front of you is greater than you can ever know. In this series, Life On Mission, we will walk together and discover the destiny and plans God has for us.

  • Miracle Street

    As we maneuver through the streets of life, there are moments in time that defy logic and understanding. Intersections where the impossible is achieved, where inevitability is avoided, where despair becomes hope.

    This series will bring light to these miraculous moments of life as we take a look at Jesus’ travels and examine and encounter the miracles that showed everyone what God can do to any situation.

  • Discover God's Will

    The greatest discovery you can make is to know who God is and what He wants for you as you love and trust Him. Throughout this series you will uncover the universal longing for purpose and meaning as you Discover God’s Will.

  • The Art Of Neighboring

    When Jesus was asked to sum up everything into one command, he said to love God with everything we have AND to love our neighbor as ourself. That isn’t just a nice bumper sticker saying, it’s not just a cool quote on a coffee mug—it’s a way of life. This June we will engage in the type of love it takes to make people feel valued. Because what would happen if we truly loved our neighbor as ourself?

  • The Ancient Path

    The idea of family is profound. From the outset of creation and the Bible's first depictions, the family is a messy, life-giving and life-taking entity that creates the foundation for our future here on Earth. It is one of the most complicated and important tasks we're confronted with in our short lifetimes. In our new series The Ancient Path, we will look to the scriptures for wisdom in caring, raising, and leading a healthy family.

  • Easter At The Vineyard (2017)

    On Easter, we don’t celebrate a collection of teachings. We don’t celebrate an idea. We celebrate an event . . . an event that changed history. In this special Easter message, Senior Pastor Jim Bricker talks about how this amazing event gives all people the opportunity for new beginnings in life.

  • Palm Sunday 2017

    In this special Palm Sunday message, pastor Jonathan Bricker talks about how Jesus changes our improper perspectives with an antidote only He can provide.

  • Closer

    Have you ever wanted to be closer to someone? To something? Everyone has a passion to connect with other people. Whether it’s by text, email, coffee shop, or FaceTime—we all have an innate desire for authentic relationships. In our series, Closer, we will discover how to draw closer to God as we journey through the Lord’s Prayer.

  • Simplify

    Today’s velocity of life can consume and control us . . . until our breakneck pace begins to feel normal and expected. When we spend our lives doing things that keep us busy but don’t really matter, we sacrifice the things that do. In this simultaneous all-church, life-enriching experiment, uncover the core issues that lure us into frantic living and discover practical steps for removing the clutter from our souls.

  • Renew

    We live our lives in cycles. Year-in and year-out we strive to focus and commit ourselves to the things that matter, but often find ourselves drifting away from that focus. In 2017 we have the opportunity for a new beginning, a time to refocus and recommit . . . a time to Renew.

  • Countdown To Christmas

    The lights are up. The streets are decorated. Excitement and anticipation are in the air. Christmas is just around the corner!

    This is the time of year we all look forward to. But Christmas is not just a sentimental day or a moment to create memories; it’s a season of possibility!  Be reminded about the power and potential this season brings to all of our lives. And as we look forward to time with family and friends, God reminds us that there’s something amazing for us all in our lives.

  • No Fear November

    Fear grips us. Worldwide security threats, life-altering health risks, uncertain political climates and impending financial crises are all upon us... all you have to do is tune into the news or log in to Facebook. But does this overwhelming presence of fear help us pursue the right path in life? Or does it pull us away from God’s purpose for us? In this series we’ll look at the difference between a healthy fear and a paralyzing paranoia as we learn to focus our fear and discover the kind of peace God wants for us.

  • Blessed

    Bless. We hear it a lot. Bless you. Bless this. Bless that.

    But, what does it mean to be blessed?

    While teaching his followers on the side of a mountain, Jesus paints the picture of what it looks like to live a blessed life as he taught the Beatitudes.  In our fall series, Blessed, we're studying the Beatitudes to discover how we can have peace and fulfillment in life, work, and relationships . . . how we all can be blessed.

  • Shape

    One of the greatest discoveries you will make in life is finding and fulfilling your God-given purpose, your God-given shape. In our series SHAPE, reach your full potential as you grow to understand who God made you to be and what He’s called you to do.

  • Grace

    Grace . . . of course we know what it means. We say grace before meals. The bank gives us a grace period. We describe an actress as gracious, a dancer as graceful. We use the word to name hospitals & baby girls.

    We know what grace means, or do we?

    In this series discover the true depth & significance and experience the meaning of Grace.

  • Muscle Car Marriage

    See God rev up our relational RPMs, boost our horsepower and add some octane of intimacy into our marriages as we talk about relationships, marriages and some really cool cars in our series, Muscle Car Marriage!

  • The Best Is Yet To Come

    What started in a living room with a handful of people right here on the south-side of Indy has grown into a church that has celebrated thousands of changed lives over the past 23 years. The explanation? Jesus. He changed people and they’re telling others who are being changed by Him. God has used the faithfulness of our church to do incredible things and He’s nowhere near done. The best part? The best is yet to come!

  • Mother's Day 2016

    In this special Mother's Day message, you will discover 5 things that every mom needs as Senior Pastor Jim Bricker and Spiritual Growth Pastor Jeanne Moore encourage moms to be refueled by their family, friends and heavenly Father.

  • Mystery

    Profound. Inexplicable. The nature of God and our connectedness with Him

    is central to understanding why we’re here and what He has for our lives. In Mystery explore who God is and how we can engage with the mystery of Him.

  • The 7 Greatest Words of Love

    Words have the power to change history. During his final hours on the cross, there are 7 words spoken by Jesus that hold the key for finding true fulfillment in life . . . The 7 Greatest Words of Love.

  • Restart

    Ready for a fresh start or a brand new beginning? The new year provides a perfect opportunity for each of us to recalibrate our priorities and relationships. In Restart discover a newfound sense of who you are in Christ and start fresh on what He wants to do through you.