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Marriage and Family

God Has a Purpose for Your Relationships

From the very beginning, God demonstrates His value of marriage and family. We affirm God’s honor of marriage and family and desire to help you find God’s purpose for your relationship. Because these relationships are a part of God’s design, we have tools that will help you navigate your relationships. Whether you are thinking about getting married, building your marriage and family, or walking through a difficult place, there is a plan just for you.

“Give honor to marriage, and remain faithful to one another in marriage.”


Common Questions About Weddings

For scheduling a pastor to officiate your wedding, please fill out the this form.

The cost of an officiating pastor is $200, made payable to the pastor.

No. You do not have to be a member of the Vineyard to have one of our pastors officiate your wedding.

To become an active member of VCC please complete StepONE of the Vineyard Growth Track.

For any further questions, please contact: Shyanna Cummings, Front Office Coordinator at or 317-882-8463.

Marriage Restoration

We know and understand marital challenges. Our goal is to help you reclaim, heal, and build the marriage God intended for you. Great marriages are possible, and we would like to show you practical ways to restore and heal your marriage.

Common Questions

Who can I speak with if my marriage is in need of help?
Call the church office at 317-882-8463 and leave a message. Someone from the pastoral care team will call you back within 24-48 hours and share your next steps with you.

Does the Vineyard provide marital counseling?
Vineyard Church does not provide any form of mental health or professional counseling services. Instead, we have trusted people that are skilled in counseling that we resource our people too. Please contact the church office to hear about how you can get connected to available resources.