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We know it can change lives –

ours and the people we're reaching.

At Vineyard Community Church, taking action through generosity is simple. 

Your gifts do more than just keep the lights on and our building open. They allow us to create environments where we can introduce your friends and family to Jesus,

as well as serve our local community and people around the world. 

Thank you for investing in changed lives.

online giving

You can make generosity a value in your life from any place at any time, with online giving. If this is your first time to give online, all you’ll need to do is to create an account with us. You can even set your donations up to recur automatically with Scheduled Giving.

mobile giving

Giving from your mobile phone has never been easier! Visit our online giving page on your mobile device & give just like your regular online giving. You can also give via text message. 

Simply text give $$ (ex. Give 50) to 866-405-1720.

giving kiosks

We have 2 giving kiosks located in The Village. There, you can make a donation with your credit or debit card. You’ll be able to have a receipt emailed to you. If you have questions about kiosk giving, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


Your giving provides tools to share the life-changing message of Jesus with thousands. If you’d like to donate other items like stocks or assets, or have questions about giving, simply contact us. Thank you for modeling generosity. We would love to talk with you.