SUNDAYS  10 & 11:30am

VINEYARD COMMUNITY CHURCH is located at 512 S. Madison Avenue in Greenwood, Indiana. We are about 15 miles south of downtown Indianapolis and 2 miles south of the Greenwood Park Mall. We are directly across the street from Greenwood Middle School and 1/2 mile south of the intersection of Main Street and Madison Avenue, the heart of Old Town Greenwood.

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We live our lives in cycles. Year-in and year-out we strive to focus and commit ourselves to the things that matter, but often find ourselves drifting away from that focus. In 2017 we have the opportunity for a new beginning, a time to refocus and recommit... a time to reNEW.  reNEW is going on now!



Exhausted. Overwhelmed. Overscheduled. Sound familiar?

Today’s velocity of life can consume and control us... until our breakneck pace begins to feel normal and expected. When we spend our lives doing things that keep us busy but don’t really matter, we sacrifice the things that do. In this simultaneous all-church, life-enriching experiment, uncover the core issues that lure us into frenetic living and discover practical steps for removing the clutter from our souls.

The simplify experiment launches January 28/29.