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The Latest COVID-19


In the last several weeks, we have monitored guidelines and best practices for gathering in a safe way. While we cannot wait to meet together in person as soon as possible, we also hear the Lord's leading to honor our government's reopening recommendations to the best of our ability. From the very formation of Vineyard Community Church, one of our Core Values has always been inclusiveness: creating a context where EVERYONE can attend, regardless of age or lifestyle. Because of this, we want to re-open at a time when every single person can attend and have a positive experience in God's presence.

So, after much prayer, discussion, and seeking of wise counsel, we plan to resume celebrations at Vineyard Community Church on the weekend of June 13-14, 2020.

VCC Reopening Update from Pastor Jim

Vineyard LIVE

For the past several weeks, we’ve been grateful for the ability to worship together at Vineyard LIVE, and we encourage you to continue to attend Vineyard LIVE until the date of June 13/14, 2020. You’re part of the Vineyard family no matter where you choose to attend! 

Vineyard LIVE is also a great option if you want to invite a friend to join you! Starting at 6:00pm EST on Saturday and at 10:00am and 11:30am EST on Sundays, you can head to live.vccindy.org to experience worship, the message, and the community of your church family through live chat and prayer.

We Want to Pray for You

We understand how hard this season has been and we're praying for God's guidance and wisdom in all of the choices you face in the weeks ahead.

Your Generosity is Making A Difference

Your giving is changing lives! We have seen hundreds of people reached and tons people commit their lives to Christ through Vineyard LIVE. We've also been able to continue to feed those in need through The CARE Center during this difficult time. You are changing the world! Thank you for your generosity!

Check back here for further updates and information. We’re so thankful you’re a part of our Vineyard family!