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We're Having A Halloween Party!

On Halloween Night, we are opening the doors of our gymnasium and throwing a huge, blowout bash for our community. Here families can enjoy safe, fun, weatherproof activities with the kids.

The best part? IT'S TOTALLY FREE!

That's right. No admission fee. No strings attached.

Halloween Night

Thursday, October 31


Whether the weather is rain or shine on Halloween Night, we have tons of fun for you and your family!

Keep scrolling to see what to expect


Is there 7.5 metric tons of candy inside of our gymnasium's spooktacular, not-so-scary, happenin' Halloween experience? DEFINITELY.*

But what's a church Halloween event without the very thing that church Halloween events are famous for? That's right—TRUNK 'R' TREAT! There's really no "or." It's just trunks and treats in VCC's parking lot.

*Scales used to measure metric tons existed only in the imagination of our intern, Jeff.**

**There is no intern Jeff.


Sure. We know your kids are probably not wearing Apple Watches to count their steps—but we know YOU want them good and tired by the time you get home. 

Jump on this opportunity to have some family fun and bounce on down to the Vineyard, where we have indoor bounce houses* and games for all ages.

*Indoor refers to the gymnasium only. There will not be bounce houses inside the bathrooms or hallways. We tried that once. It didn't work.


Hot dogs, popcorn, and candy. When we say all you can eat, we don't mean the funiture, paper, or decorations.* 

We mean the juicy hot dogs fresh off the grill. We mean the sweet, savory, buttery popcorn that has YOUR name all over it. 

Is it really that good? We guess you'll just have to come find out.

*Some decorations may be edible. Please don't try to figure out which ones. Looking at you, Jeff.