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Worship Leader

Full Time; 50 hrs. a week

Looking For:

  • Strong desire to worship Jesus with every area of life.
  • Strong, proactive work ethic; able to notice areas of need and take initiative to address them.
  • Portrays skills as a producer and director.
  • Possesses a value for excellence and is able to inspires it in others.
  • Demonstrates a high level of vocal and instrumental skills.
  • Focused on creating a fun and safe environment for guests, volunteers, and staff
  • Invested and involved in the lives of volunteers and staff
  • Adheres to all values and guidelines outlined in Behavior Covenant and Employee Handbook


  • Identify, recruit, train, deploy, monitor, nurture, and schedule volunteer musicians, vocalists, and worship leaders
  • Select and prepare all musical elements for the weekend celebrations and big events
  • Effectively lead weekly worship rehearsals
  • Provide worship to any special events (midweek, conferences, etc).
  • Leverage mediums of music, video, lighting and other art forms to enhance the weekend experience.
  • Responsible for the musical, spiritual, and communal development for the worship team (musician workshops, team gatherings, one-on-one’s, etc.)
  • Collaborate with Family Pastor to establish, grow, and develop musical worship in K-12
  • Collaborate with Spiritual Growth Pastor to develop musical worship in LifeGroups]
  • Develop and maintain systems and equipment related to the Worship Team.
  • Collaborate with Tech Director on stage designs
  • Along with Worship Team, write corporate worship songs for VCC