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Operations Manager

Negotiable; Starts at 25 hrs. a week

Looking For:

  • Strong, proactive work ethic.
  • Able to notice areas of need and take initiative to address them.
  • Focused on creating a fun and safe environment for staff and volunteers
  • Invested and involved in the lives of volunteers and staff
  • Must be strong in seeing connections in functions across the church
  • Be able to maximize both effectiveness and efficiency in support functions
  • Adheres to all values and guidelines outlined in Behavior Covenant and Employee Handbook


  • Lead and oversee the Front Office support staff
    • Develop and monitor tracking systems for attendance and finances
    • Develop and monitor systems for the Connect Card and Database (RollCall)
    • Creating a welcoming and professional environment for walk-ins and call-ins
    • Connect with Area Leaders to discern how the Support Team can serve their area.
  • Lead and oversee all assimilation processes, championing people to get and remain connected to VCC. 
    • Front-end processes such as first time guests, second time guests, first time giver, new member, etc.  
    • Back-end processes such as non-attendees, trail-off givers, and exit interviews
  • Oversee all aspects of VCC publications and communications such as: programs, weekly, monthly, website, emails, social media, etc. 
  • Oversee Finance and HR
    • Process hires and terminations of employees
    • Monitor and create employee retention programs and procedures
    • Maintaining all benefits, contracts, and policies
    • Weekly deposits and cash-flow monitoring
    • Oversee all payables and receivables
    • Oversee expense coding process and purchase approvals
  • Lead and oversee the maintenance of the building
    • Direct Facility staff toward completing objectives
    • Manage facility budget
    • Determine areas of need and devise plans to address.
    • Develop systems for preventative maintenance.
  • Maintain and oversee a user-friendly and effective IT infrastructure
    • Lead I.T. staff to provide all support for VCC staff and guests.
    • Enhance and develop I.T. infrastructure and processes