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IT Support Specialist

Part Time;  12 hrs. a week

Looking For:

  •        Strong, proactive work ethic.
  •        Able to notice areas of need and take initiative to address them.
  •        Focused on creating a fun and safe environment for guests.
  •        Invested and involved in the lives of volunteers and staff.
  •        Adheres to the values and guidelines outlined in Behavior Covenant and Employee Handbook.


  • Diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve technical support issues for VCC staff and ministries. 
  • Manage all computer systems owned by the church.
    1. Maintain all network infrastructure such as routers, switches, and wireless access points.
    2. Monitor, detect, assess, and address threats to our network, such as viruses and external attacks.
    3. Manage and perform backups on a regular basis.
    4. Monitor logs and other internal network information for latent problems.
  • Provide help desk services for all staff.
    1. Provide training during on-boarding for usage of network resources.
  • Assist with weekend technical issues as needed.
  • Interface with vendors on a technical level to ensure interoperability of technologies.
  • Manage email and network accounts.
  • Able to support both Mac and Windows platforms, with a working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite and other software such as Dropbox and Google Suite.