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Family Pastor

Full Time;  50 hrs. a week

Looking For:

  • Strong, proactive work ethic.
  • Has stewarded their own children into a place of maturity. (1 Timothy 3:4).
  • Able to notice areas of need (including, but not limited to Facility, Organizational, Managerial and Spiritual) while taking initiative to address them in collaboration with leadership team.

  • Focused on creating a spiritually sound, fun, and safe learning environment for kids and volunteers.
  • Invested and involved in the lives of families, volunteers, and staff.
  • Adheres to the values and guidelines listed in the Behavior Covenant and Employee Handbook.


Oversee Vineyard Kids and Young Vineyard departments and operations:

  • Identify, recruit, train, deploy, monitor, and nurture new volunteers for both VK and YV, while creating and implementing systems for further development.
  • Develop specific volunteer positions that reflect the needs of both VK and YV.
  • Supervise, coordinate, and oversee the VK and YV staff and volunteer schedules.
  • Strategically plan curriculum so as to create a balanced “diet” for the journey a child experiences from nursery through 12th grade.
  • Resource coordinators with curriculum plan.
  • Develop VK and YV staff, systems, and environments to continually improve the overall quality of the weekend experience.
  • Create policies, systems and processes that bring organizational discipline to VK and YV. 

Equip families to take ownership of their children’s spiritual formation. 

  • Train parents to lead their children in spiritual practices. 
  • Resource families with materials to develop their marriage and parenting.
  • Plan events, trainings, and classes to continually develop a spiritually healthy family life. 

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