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Coffee Bar Manager

Part Time;  12 hrs. a week

Looking For:

  • Strong, proactive work ethic.
  • Able to notice areas of need and take initiative to address them.
  • Focused on creating a fun and safe environment for volunteers
  • Invested and involved in the lives of volunteers and staff.
  • Communicates and coordinates with other area leaders well in order to best function together.
  • Continually developing and bettering areas of oversight and personal development.


  • Provide refreshments and support for Weekend Celebrations, All-Church functions, Staff Training, and other functions as determined by the Gather Leader.
  • Identify, recruit, train, equip, and schedule volunteers.
  • Use effective Guest Services Team Policies and Procedures, incorporate improvements, and write/implement new systems and processes as appropriate.
  • Responsible for maintenance and care of Coffee Bar fixtures and equipment.
  • Report and manage finances as it relates to the cash box and sales.
  • Maintain food permit and standards required by Johnson County Health Department.
  • Order all supplies for operation of the Coffee Bar, including free coffee and condiments and all specialty drink supplies.
  • Manage inventory ensuring fresh and safe product is provided to guests and that VCC is being responsible with levels of inventory kept on hand.
  • Manage the Coffee Bar budget and provide input on Guest Services budget as it relates to Coffee Bar needs.
  • Meet with the Gather Leader weekly.