Together, we’re all taking a next step in generosity to reach our generation through Thrive. Each of us has an invaluable part to play as an accomplice with God as He does the miraculous. Jesus promises to supply the power to fulfill His mission – we simply need to follow His plan of openhanded generosity.

So, where do I begin? The Thrive Initiative Guide has an overview of all that we hope to achieve through our Thrive Initiative and includes a whole section devoted to helping you discover where you are at and calculate your commitment for the months ahead.

Download the Thrive Packet:


Andrew & Kailey Heighway

"My wife and I have been tithing since we got married in 2012, and in April 2015, I received a significant pay cut from work. We were struggling

to keep our finances inline after that paycut, but we still felt the urge on Commitment Sunday of the Thrive initiative to increase our giving above our tithe. Things were really tight and we were just trusting God paycheck-to-paycheck to provide. Shortly after Commitment Sunday, the Lord provided another job opportunity with a significant pay increase.

Praise God! Since then, we have maintained our increased giving and have been able to live comfortably while saving for a house.

God is so good!"


Andrew Heighway


  • 1st QUARTER | 2016

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  • 2nd QUARTER | 2016

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  • 3rd quarter  | 2016

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  • Year-End | 2016

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