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What Is Vineyard Stories?

Vineyard Stories is a collection of stories written to inspire you and build your faith. At VCC, one of our primary beliefs is that God is good—no matter the obstacle, circumstance, or challenge we face. The Bible tells us that overwhelming victory is ours in Christ and that we will overcome by the blood of Jesus and the word of our testimony. Let these stories build your faith and inspire you.

The Power Of Prayer


I wanted to share my story about the power of prayer. My family and I were handing out meals for the 2017 Turkey Outreach when we met a woman.

We asked her if she could use a Thanksgiving meal and/or prayer. She explained that she was the caregiver to her ex-husband and he was currently in the hospital with stage 4 cancer.

She gave us his name and asked us to pray for his situation. As a family, we continued to pray for him.

Two months later, I read a tragic story in the news.

It told of a man on his death bed with stage 4 cancer facing eviction from his home for not paying his rent. He only had a few days until he was being forced to move out. As I read this story, I recognized his name as the same gentleman we had been praying for during the Turkey Outreach. I was so upset that this was happening to him, so I continued to pray and follow

the story.

There was so much care in the community that his story went viral. A company in Franklin stepped-up and paid off his debt, enabling him to stay in his home. It’s so amazing to see God answer prayer in a practical way.

More Stories Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for more stories! If you or someone you know has a story of God's power in their life that will inspire and build up others, submit it here.