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This Christmas we are making an investment to help the next generation move

one step closer to Christ.

Your giving is impacting the next generation.

This Christmas season, we are continuing the journey of investing in the next generation. Statistically, at least 70% of people say “yes” to Jesus between the ages of 4 and 14. At VCC, we have an opportunity to invest in the next generation by creating transformational environments that produce sustainable faith. 

By giving, you can inspire the next generation to move one step closer to Christ.

There are 4 Easy Ways To Give:

You can give via ONLINE (by clicking the button below), ENVELOPE (by filling out one of the Project

4-14 Envelopes in the seatbacks), KIOSK (using the Giving Kiosks in the Village), or MOBILE (text Christmas$$ [for example: Christmas$250] to 866.405.1720).