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Life On Mission: LifeGroup Campaign

Looking for an easy opportunity to jump into a LifeGroup? Look no further! During our series Life On Mission we will be hosting groups centered around the weekend messages where people can gather, talk, and unpack the message using a short video and our Talk It Over guide. If you're looking for an opportunity to go deeper here at VCC, this is your chance. We have made it easy to join, connect and be a part of a group. All you have to do is sign up. 

Life is better together.

The currency of the kingdom is community. It's about people being people—together. Life can be messy and we at VCC believe that it's easier to handle the messiness of life together.

We believe that growth and a culture of community and honor happen best in the context of close, personal relationships. Our LifeGroups are structured with those goals in mind and meet throughout the week. To get the most out of our weekend celebrations, be sure to sign up!