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The Best Is Yet To Come

What started in a living room with a handful of people right here on the south-side of Indy has grown into a church that has celebrated thousands of changed lives over the past 23 years. The explanation? Jesus.

He changed people and they’re telling others who are being changed by Him. God has used the faithfulness of our church to do incredible things and He’s nowhere near done.

The best part? The best is yet to come!


Part 1 :: Mission

In "Mission" senior pastor Jim Bricker celebrates the journey we've been on as a church and shares the scope of our mission in the world around us.


Part 2 :: Motive

In "Motive" senior pastor Jim Bricker encourages us to embrace faith by giving us 4 different action steps in relation to faith, because "faith is not the denial of reality, it is the belief in a greater reality."


Part 3 :: Map

In "Map" pastor Jonathan Bricker discusses God's map for each of our lives and how that connects with our map as Vineyard Community Church.