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The 7 Greatest Words of Love

Words have the power to change history. During his final hours on the cross, there are 7 words spoken by Jesus that hold the key for finding true fulfillment in life . . . The 7 Greatest Words of Love.



In "Forgiveness" senior pastor Jim Bricker gives three steps to be free from guilt as he shares that what we cover, God uncovers, but what we uncover, God covers with grace and mercy.



In "Assurance" senior pastor Jim Bricker looks at the word "assurance" while analyzing the interaction between Jesus and the criminals hanging next to him.


Part 3 :: LOVE

In "Love" senior pastor Jim Bricker tackles the most difficult thing you'll ever learn... how to love like Jesus. Teaching out John 19:25-27, he gives us 4 ways we are able to love like Jesus.



In "Substitution" pastor Jonathan Bricker teaches out of Matthew 27:45-46 when Jesus became our substitute. He looks at what it teaches us and what our responses should be.


Part 5 :: HUMANITY

In "Humanity" pastor Luke Bricker looks to John 19:28 and the humanity of Jesus by sharing

4 things Jesus had.


Part 6 :: VICTORY

In "Victory" pastor Chris Clay looks at the five separate meanings of the word "Tetelestai" and discusses

five things that Jesus finished on the cross.


Part 7 :: TRUST

In "Trust" pastor Jeanne Moore encourages us to jump in God's hands and trust Him.