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Ready for a fresh start or a brand new beginning?  The new year provides a perfect opportunity for each of us to recalibrate our priorities and relationships. In  Restart discover a newfound sense of who you are in Christ and start fresh on what He wants to do through you.


Pre-Launch  :: CALLING

In "Calling" pastor Luke Bricker looked at the story of Abraham in Genesis 12 and encouraged each of us to embrace the call of God in the new year.


Part 1  :: IDENTITY

In "Identity" pastors Jonathan Bricker and Jeanne Moore shared how God sees us and encouraged each of us to embrace our true identity.


Part 2  :: FINANCES

In "Finances" senior pastor Jim Bricker shares that God wants to put His super on your natural and gives us four ways to handle our finances God's Way.


Part 3  :: FOCUS

In "Focus" senior pastor Jim Bricker encourages us to focus on life's 4 most important questions as we strive to not waste our lives, but to spend our time wisely.



In "Spiritual Life" senior pastor Jim Bricker gives us 5 reasons to belong to a spiritual family and embrace that God wants to do amazing things through our lives together.