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Muscle Car Marriage

See God rev up our relational RPMs, boost our horsepower and add some octane of intimacy into our marriages as we talk about relationships, marriages and some really cool cars in our series,

Muscle Car Marriage!


Part 1 :: Mint Condition

In "Mint Condition" senior pastor Jim Bricker shares with us 6 steps to a mint condition muscle car marriage and reminds us that everyday we are either building our relationships up or tearing them down.


Part 2 :: Wheels

In "Wheels" senior pastor Jim Bricker discusses the four wheels of marriage relationships and how to keep them turning in the right direction.


Part 3 :: Raising Kids

In "Raising Kids" senior pastor Jim Bricker gives us 5 steps for bringing out the best in our kids. Five steps that God uses to bring out the best in each one of us.


Part 4 :: Dashboard

In "Dashboard" pastor Chris Clay talks about the relationship gauges and how separately and collectively these gauges play a crucial role in our relationships with others and with God.